You might think of interior design as a way to make your home beautiful and not much more. Yes, there is a certain feeling you get from having a home that’s decorated well. But have you ever thought about the way that your design affects you psychologically? Before you write off the idea, think about how you yourself experience different environments.  Is there a place you can recall that immediately evokes fond memories?  Are there colors or patterns which are so much a part of your personal history that they bring a sense of belonging whenever you encounter them?  Are there other elements of interior environments that awaken familiar sensory perceptions?  Do you want to somehow incorporate those elements into your environment in a lasting way- to design for life- your life?

At Optimized Interiors, we understand environmental psychology.  We hear clients’ visionary descriptions of how they want to feel in their homes and work spaces.  They want to feel “settled, secure, happy, unpressured, inspired, soothed, rested, refreshed, undistracted, entertained, renewed, free to explore their interests, and free to nurture relationships”.    Spaces capable of eliciting such sensations and desire can be largely achieved by the skilled and strategic application of environmental enhancements.  Among the most popular enhancements are universal design, improved lighting, conversational floor planning, convenient storage, and updated colors and materials.