We optimize interiors by bringing into a cohesive whole, the various elements of quality interior design and organization. Our trades craftsmen, vendors and related resources have proven quality performance, and we offer a full range of project types and services including:

  • Townhomes, single homes, apartments, condo’s, and high-rise living
  • Relocations, downsizing, rightsizing, and multi-generational living
  • Quick-fix redesign, full remodels, A’ la carte, and new construction
  • Space planning, furniture layouts, and lighting design
  • Kitchens and baths
  • Color schemes, materials, furnishings, finishes and fixtures selection
  • Storage and display solutions
  • Organizing, set-up, art and accessorizing
  • Universal Design and Aging in Place

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Are you moving? Downsizing? Upsizing? If your move fits the changing needs in your season of life, we like to call it rightsizing! We can help with multi-generational living modifications and we specialize in Universal Design and Aging in Place.

Are other transitions impacting, or will they soon impact your life? How will you go about making good choices for your new living arrangements? Will you know what to do with those things that are most dear to you but not sure how they’ll fit in your new space?


Are you planning, or in the process, of new construction? If so, do you have a furniture plan and have light control solutions in place? Are you making materials and finishes selections without considering the colors and finishes of the furnishings and textiles that will go into the spaces? This is the best time to make those decisions to avoid costly or less than optimal results in the finished space.


Maybe you’re great with color and textures, but you just can’t visualize the layout of a room which is both functional for your needs and aesthetically attractive. Do you know how to ensure you make the right furniture size decisions when purchasing? Do you have a true- to scale drawing of your floor plan? Do you find you’re more decisive with the aid of 3D room imagery? We can help with all of that!

View Our 3d Imagery Video


Is there only so much you’re willing or able to accomplish on your own? Tired of doing it yourself? Has your project been a series of fits and starts and just doesn’t seem to get anywhere?

Sometimes all our clients need is some consultative direction. Sometimes they need to hand-off the portions of a project that keep it at a stand-still. And sometimes the best option is our Full-Service Design. Call us to see what might be the best fit.


Doing it yourself is not only a popular trend, it can be a budget friendly way to help achieve your goals for a liveable, workable, likeable environment. Providing, of course, that you have a good plan. A plan that truly reflects your vision while incorporating those ‘non negotiables’- like, perhaps, integrating your family heirloom stained glass window or Midcentury Modern dining room set. Or maybe that brand new flooring that came with your new house and has a beautiful pattern but unusual color. If you’re doing the project yourself, get the best outcome. Do it with a plan!


Is everything in place- you’re happy for the most part with your furniture and layouts, but things just don’t feel finished or quite right? Maybe you still need art and accessories and some finishing touches, or a single piece of new furniture, or an area rug? Sometimes all that’s needed is a minimal bit of re-design, or accessorizing. Like the perfect jewelry with the right outfit, rooms need that final ‘polish’!


Love your home and don’t ever want to leave it? Perhaps you’re anticipating the need for one-floor living or Universal Design. Today more than ever, supportive solutions for lifelong living in one’s own home are available. And those solutions can be beautiful and integrated with the design of the home. putting time into writing strong content is key to your digital success.


We’ve found that adequate, flexible and attractive lighting can sometimes be an afterthought when our clients are considering improving their interior spaces. But lighting is a crucial component in optimizing any interior space. Today’s lighting options have never been better! Good lighting dramatically improves one’s quality of life.


It’s no wonder! Near infinity is the number of colors appearing in the natural world! And how we see colors is profoundly connected with light. And not just natural light, but the many color temperatures of artificial light. Coupled with those realities, coordinating the many colors involved in an interior scheme, including textiles, flooring, tile, furniture and other materials, one could feel easily intimidated. The good news? Strategic use of color is possibly the most profound tool we have to visually optimize space. It can unify, excite, calm, define, highlight, camouflage, and correct a multitude of aesthetic problems! And it can also provide one of the ‘biggest bangs for the buck’! Whatever your color preferences, we can put the power of color to work for you!


Where we work is increasingly fluid. Is there space in your home that is or can be supportive of productive thinking and workflows? Is it ergonomically comfortable? Is the equipment, and are the tools quickly accessible in proximity to the desk area? Is there adequate and convenient storage to maintain an uncluttered environment? Are there information systems in place for taming the tiger of papers? Does the ambiance make you want to be in the space, and thus provide motivation to ‘get to work’? We can help you set up, or optimize an existing office space in your home. Our design and organizing services provide a comprehensive approach to the ‘brain’ room of the home!


You appreciate fine design and can identify your style preferences. You’re wanting to undertake a remodel or maybe invest in new furniture. But life seems to have taken some twists and turns, seemingly high-jacking your efforts to maintain order, even though you’ve not had difficulty in the past. Or perhaps organization has just never come easily. Pursuing a fresh start for your interior spaces will be supercharged for functionality and will support productive living, once systems are in place for getting and staying organized.


Built ins are understandably more expensive than ready made storage furniture. Their cost value as one component in a room’s design solution, however, is often very significant. Few other solutions offer the value in gained storage and functionality in small spaces, or even larger rooms requiring multi-purpose use. Family Rooms, Guest rooms, Home Offices, are prime candidates. We pay careful attention to maximizing limited space, design accordingly, and have the experience and trusted resources to deliver quality built-ins. We also work closely with clients’ own suppliers and kitchen and bath cabinet makers.


We have the experience and resources to provide a near-turnkey experience. You tell us how you want your home to function and look, and we transform your vision for your home into a reality. We can handle all the details!